AstroLib.jl is a package of small generic routines useful above all in astronomical and astrophysical context, written in Julia.

Included are also translations of some IDL Astronomy User’s Library procedures, which are released under terms of BSD-2-Clause License. AstroLib.jl‘s functions are not drop-in replacement of those procedures, Julia standard data types are often used (e.g., DateTime type instead of generic string for dates) and the syntax may slightly differ.

An extensive error testing suite ensures old fixed bugs will not be brought back by future changes.


AstroLib.jl is available for Julia 0.4 and later versions, and can be installed with Julia built-in package manager. In a Julia session run the command

julia> Pkg.add("AstroLib")

You may need to update your package list with Pkg.update() in order to get the latest version of AstroLib.jl.


After installing the package, you can start using AstroLib.jl with

using AstroLib


AstroLib.jl is developed on GitHub at You can contribute by providing new functions, reporting bugs, and improving documentation.


The AstroLib.jl package is licensed under the MIT “Expat” License. The original author is Mosè Giordano.


This project is a work-in-progress, only few procedures have been translated so far. In addition, function syntax may change from time to time. Check out to see how you can help. Volunteers are welcome!


Every function provided has detailed documentation that can be accessed at Julia REPL with

julia> ?FunctionName

or with

julia> @doc FunctionName

The following is the list of all functions provided to the users. Click on them to read their documentation.

Miscellaneous (Non-Astronomy) Utilities